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Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Substrates

Aluminum Nitride (AlN) substrates and Beryllium Oxide (BeO) as fired, lapped, polished and metalized ceramic substrates in the complete listing of all pages within the Aluminum Nitride domain.

  • homepage - Aluminum Nitride AlN Substrates and wafers from stock
  • aln-stock - Polished Ceramic substrates of Alumina and AlN
  • alnplus - Aluminum Nitride Chemical Analysis
  • beo-aln - Beryllium Oxide BeO and Aluminum Nitride AlN substrates
  • dbc - Direct Bond Copper on Aluminum Nitride Substrates
  • dicing - Dicing Aluminum Nitride AlN wafers and substrates
  • hi-therm-tm - Hi-therm Aluminum Nitride (AIN) substrates from stock
  • links - Aluminum Nitride Related Web pages
  • polished - Polished Aluminum Nitride AlN substrates and wafers
  • sapphire - EPI polished sapphire wafers and substrates
  • stockpage - Aluminum Nitride Stock
  • substrate-mfg - Tape cast substrate manufacturing
  • substrate-wafer-stock - Aluminum Nitride (AIN) polished, lapped substrate stock
  • ultra thin - Ultra-thin AlN


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