EPI polished sapphire substrates and wafers

Epitaxial EPI Polished Sapphire Substrates

Epitaxial EPI polished sapphire substrate or wafer surface can be compared to surface finish that would be suitable for monocrystaline silicon epitaxial layer deposition in semiconductor device manufacturing:

EPI finish on sapphire has become to mean that the finish shall be 3 Angstroms Ra or less.

A common EPI polished sapphire substrate requirement is for manufacture of bright blue and green LEDs.

The tightest tolerance ultra-flat Blue and Green LED 2 in. (50.8 mm) polished Optical Grade Monocrystaline sapphire wafers:

Orientation C-plane (0001) ±0.1 deg.
Diameter 50.8 ±0.05 mm (2 ±0.002 in.)
Thickness 330 ±10 microns or 430 ±10 microns
Thickness variation - TTV less than 10 microns
Bow less than 15 microns
Surface finish EPI polish - less than 3 Angstroms
Flatness (restrained) less than 5 microns
Primary flat 16 ±0.5 mm
Primary flat orientation A-plane (1120) ±0.5 deg.
















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